Study Programs

The Department of Mathematics offers various structured programs for graduate studies in mathematics. Further information about available undergraduate and graduate study programs can be found here.

Graduate Study Programs

  • Master Program in Mathematics (german) with possible specialization in Mathematics, in Economics, or other Applied Fields
  • International Masters Programm in Mathematics (english, starting in fall 2018)

Graduates are awarded a M.Sc. and are eligible to enrole in the PhD program for Mathematics.

Doctoral Studies

The Darmstad Mathematical School is hosting the

of the Department. In addition to the scientific support provided by various research groups, access to soft skill training is granted to all PhD students and PostDocs in mathematics via Ingenium.

Coordinated Programs

Many PhD students in DAMS are regular or associated members of coordinated Graduate Schools, e.g.

or in one of the many research projects with participation of members of the Department.



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